hara patterns and utilities

Author: Chris Zheng  (z@caudate.me)
Date: 11 February 2018
Repository: https://github.com/zcaudate/hara
Version: 2.8.2


What is It?

hara is a set of libraries extending clojure.core, a little bit like boost but without the compilation time.

Why was it made?

Apart from clojure itself, the language lacks a big, monolithic, kitchen-sink type codebase. hara aims to fill that gap.

Who is this targeting?

All JVM Clojure developers.

When was this started?

The first pieces of the current codebase was committed in 2012. Since then, the project has grown organically based on need and interest.

Where has it been used?

In many places. Mostly to write libraries that keep this maintainable.

How to begin?

That's a good question. It really depends on what is being built. There's a fair amount of documentation already so please jump in and start exploring.

Okay, lets go!

List of current libraries: